Mobility Kiosk

Place an interactive, self-service Mobility Kiosk anywhere in your business and give your customers the flexibility to order transportation 24/7

Take the hassle out of transportation

24/7 service

Give your customers direct access to all mobility options available so they can manage their transportation needs anytime.

Shorter Lines

Shorter lines

Place Mobility Kiosks at strategic locations within your business, from conference centers to package pick-up zones, to shorten taxi lines that block your entrances.

Personalized Mobility

Personalized mobility

Deliver personalized transportation experiences, from public transportation directions to limo bookings, in a simple click. 

Connect to the Mobility marketplace

Give your customers access to a competitive Mobility Marketplace that includes all available transportation in the area, from taxis to public transportation, so they can choose what best matches their needs.

Accessible transportation in 3 clicks

Get rid of the lines and wait, and make booking transportation just 3 clicks. All your customers need to do is:

  • Enter their destination
  • Choose the offer they prefer
  • Book their ride


No account setup required, just book and go!

Localized Products Available
Localized products available

Give your customers mobility experiences in their native language.

English, Spanish, Dutch, German, and more coming soon.

Real-Time Tracking
Real-time tracking

Just because the ride was booked on a kiosk doesn't mean that your customer can't continue on with their own device. Your customer will get real-time updates about their ride via text message on their mobile phone and will be able to manage the ride, update the pickup time and see when their driver is en route.