Mobility Concierge

Give your customer service representatives a comprehensive tool to easily manage and facilitate transportation services for customers and deliver personalized experiences that boost customer satisfaction

A one-stop-shop for all your transportation needs
Simple Management

Simple management

View all available transportation options that match your customers' requests and easily add on-demand and pre-booked rides to their itinerary in just a few clicks.

Full Visibility

Full visibility

Easily manage all of your customers’ past, present and future transportations requests, bookings, and rides from one ride management console.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking

Make sure that your customers are always getting the best customer experience with real-time tracking keeping you up to date with every pickup and drop-off. 

Tailored transportation services

With the Mobility Concierge Console, your business has direct access to the HERE Mobility Marketplace and all available transportation in the area. Whether your customer is looking for a pre-booked limo, an on-demand taxi or even public transportation directions, the Mobility Marketplace ensures your customers have a tailored, flawless experience.

Mobility Ride Tracker
Mobility ride tracker

With the Mobility Ride Tracker, both you and your customers will be able to see bookings, pickup and arrival times, and ride details. Get the information you need to ensure a smooth customer experience and give your customers the freedom to make changes to their bookings even after they leave your business.

Mobility Insights
Mobility insights

With the fully digitized Mobility Concierge Console, you'll be able to discover transportation trends that affect your business and gain valuable insights on points of interest, attractions, and events that your customers visit and love. Mobility Insights will help your business offer more relevant deals and promotions to your customers.