HERE Mobility provides the missing piece for building the future of smart cities’ transportation

Cities boast dozens of transportation modes and providers, each holding only their small piece of urban mobility serving their needs and interests. In order to achieve efficient urban mobility, there are three key components that cities need, a versatile mobility market, visibility into urban mobility, and smart city optimization tools.

  • Offer a versatile mobility market to businesses and people in cities.
  • Get visibility into cities urban mobility ecosystem accross all transportation types.
  • Optimize cities with real-time data and mobility trends, and manage problems as they develop.


Airport to airport is nice but door-to-door is better

With HERE Mobility Marketplace airlines can easily create door-to-door solutions to serve their customers not only high in the sky, but throughout their journey. Offer data-driven, personalized itineraries tailored to increase user engagement and customer loyalty.

  • Personalized first and last mile transportation to and from the airport.
  • Dynamic mobility adjustment based on real-time flight departure and arrival time.
  • Increased loyalty club engagement through partner promotions.
Hospitality solutions | HERE Mobility marketplace


Checking-in is only the first step from hotel to hospitality

HERE Mobility Marketplace provides you with all the tools you’ll need to ensure that your customers will always get the best transportation solution possible personalized to their preferences, needs, and destination.

  • Minimize concierge wait time.
  • Increase your mobility services offering.
  • Boost customer satisfaction with personalized recommendations.