Seamless transportation solutions for all industries

No matter where your customers want to go, we provide you with all the mobility services they’ll need



Provide travelers with door-to-door transportation  

The first and last miles matter! Offer travelers all the transportation options they need to their destinations on time.   

  • Offer smarter online booking: Incorporate our transportation web widget on your website to enable travelers to pre-book their preferred ride to and from the airport as they book their flight. Provide them with real-time notifications on their personal devices to ensure they’ll be on time. 

  • Create tailor-made experiences: You know how to customize your services to travelers’ preferences at the airport and on the flights. Collect valuable insights about their rides outside of the airport and anticipate their needs to optimize their full journey.  

  • Meet their needs on the ground: Don’t let travelers get lost. Provide them with a self-service transportation kiosk at the airport or assign a staff member to book any ride for them on the ground so they can reach their final destination without hassle.  

  • Empower travelers with choice: Let travelers choose how they want to get to their last-mile according to their time and budget – public transport, taxis, shuttles, limos and more.  



Offer your guests a 5-star transportation experience  

Get your guests to your hotel and take them where they want to go seamlessly. Bring more clients to your location and improve your services at the same time.  

  • Save time: Easily add our online transportation solution to your website or offer our transportation kiosk in your lobby. Let your guests book any rides by themselves in an instant.  

  • Improve your service: Let your concierge book on-demand rides for your guests with our custom-made digital solution and serve them a VIP experience.  

  • Offer personalized experiences: Understand your guest preferences outside of the hotel. Collect insights about their rides and shape your services to meet their needs.  

  • Increase guests’ loyalty & trust: Make sure your guests ride with reliable and trusted drivers, so they feel safe to come and go. Provide notifications on their mobile devices in real-time and offer them the clarity they expect.     




Bring more buyers to your location 

Want to attract more shoppers? Increase traffic to and from your location and improve their experience with our one-stop-shop transportation solution.  

  • Be easy to reach for buyers: Let customers order a taxi on your website and inform them of all transportation options in real-time so they can get to your location easily.  

  • Diversify your services: Once they're done shopping, offer buyers a self-service transportation kiosk and let them decide how they want to get home. All they have to do is to choose the transportation option that meets their needs – public transport, taxis, shuttles, limos, and more. 

  • Increase confidence: Provide buyers with trusted and reliable transportation services. They’ll receive real-time notifications on their mobile device allowing them to keep track of their ride.  

  • Collect insights & improve their experience: Learn how buyers commute around your location and adapt your services accordingly. Extend the shopping experience beyond your doors! 




Serve your clients a delightful door-to-door service 

Your food is delicious, your place is beautiful. All you have left to do is to make sure your clients can come and go easily. Our door-to-door transport solution is the final ingredient you need.  

  • Get clients to your restaurant easily: Let them book their rides together with their table. Integrate our on-shelf web widget to your website and offer door-to-door transportation to your clients.  

  • Offer a VIP transportation service: Assign a staff member to order on-demand rides to your clients with our digital device.  

  • Delight them with choice: Give your clients choices off the menu! Provide them with all the transportation options available on your website or with our self-service kiosk so they can get home in the most convenient way – public transport, taxis, shuttles, limos and more. 

  • Increase trust & loyalty: Order trusted rides to your guests and inform them with real-time notifications on their personal devices.   




Get fans to your events without the hassle  

Finding a ride to and from the stadium can be a painful experience for fans. Let them book their rides together with their tickets so they can fully enjoy your events.  

  • Upgrade visitors’ online experience: Integrate our powerful door-to-door transportation solution on your website and let your visitors book their rides online together with their tickets.  

  • Create trust with professional services: Offer clarity to your visitors with real-time updates about their rides and get them to your location with reliable transport suppliers.  

  • Personalize fans’ experience: Enjoy valuable insights and understand the commuting patterns to the stadium. Take advantage of this data to optimize your visitors’ experience.  

  • Extend your services: Give your visitors the choice of all transport options in real-time: taxis, buses, shuttles, public transport, and more. Install a transportation kiosk at the exit of your stadium so they can book rides on-demand and access all the information they seek easily.  


Financial Services

Financial Services

Grow your profits with smart transportation  

Integrate our smart mobility solutions seamlessly to offer customers rides anywhere, anytime through your digital wallet, mobile application or website. Smart transportation and Mobility as a Service are becoming essential to the daily lives of customers worldwide and the mobility sector is expected to grow to $7 trillion by 2030. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

  • Keep your brand front and center:  We offer a white label solution so you can keep your brand in the front powered by our smart transportation services. 
  • Generate more transactions:  Integrate our smart transportation solutions and tap into new revenue streams, adding millions of transactions from drivers and passengers on a global scale. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction:  Take your client to the nearest branch or ATM in the most convenient way for them: from taxis, scooters, shuttles, and public transportation. Inform them in real-time about their rides on their mobile devices. 
  • Collect valuable insights:  Upgrade your underwriting accuracy by collecting insights about your customers’ traveling patterns and personalize your services according to their preferences. 
  • Integrate easily: Connect to our API or integrate our web tools in a seamless way. Monitor and manage all your customers’ rides through one single dashboard.