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Optimization​ for

Improve your fleet’s efficiency up to 40% while reducing costs with the HERE Mobility Optimizer

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Increase Your Bottom Line While Cutting Costs

The HERE Mobility Optimizer is a seamless optimization and route planning tool for pre-booked rides.

Based on machine​ learning and advanced algorithms, the optimizer allows fleets​ to increase efficiency and effectiveness in order to improve their bottom-line.

Increase ride capacity

Increase in ride capacity by 22%

Eliminate Manual Route Scheduling

Save time and mistakes with smart scheduling

Decrease Mileage Driven

Decrease driven kilometers up to 40%

Improve driver retention

Improve driver retention and satisfaction

Optimize your fleet by your rules

You know what’s best for your business. Tailor the optimizer’s rules to best fit your needs:

  • Best itineraries and routes
  • Fair ride distribution
  • Equal ride duration
  • Equal fare
Organize solo & shared rides

Optimize your pre-booked rides into solo or shared trips based on your customer preferences while reducing mileage:

  • Receive point-by-point pickup and drop-off schedules per driver
  • Get optimization results that match your capacity
Say goodbye to manual scheduling
  • Get rid of time-consuming paperwork scheduling
  • Eliminate scheduling mistakes

No need for dispatcher route review and validation.

Get optimized itineraries fast

The Mobility Optimizer calculates all your rides to deliver the best routing solution possible, 100% guaranteed. No best guesses. No estimations.

  • Set up easily
  • Process a high volume of ride data
  • Upload one simple file

Get optimized route itineraries within 6 minutes on average.

Accessibility supported

The Mobility Optimizer supports accessibility and enables wheelchair ride optimization for both solo and shared rides with any mix of passengers.

Hear from Steve Rapoport​​
VP Business Development​​ BriteLift, Inc / Ride X Dispatch Inc​​ Customized Transportation Solutions​
“Thanks to the HERE Mobility Optimizer, within 4 months we managed to increase the number of daily rides by 19% within the same fleet size. We also saved 20% AVG daily drivers per month and 250K kilometers.”