Digitize your fleet with the Mobility Dispatch and Drive App to easily manage drivers, rides, and passengers

Free Dispatching for Your Fleet

Increase Automation

Easily match riders and drivers through a simple and intuitive admin panel. 


Get Visibility

Real-time visibility and tracking into your fleet and ride statuses.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Connect your dispatch to the HERE Mobility Marketplace to get more rides in your city.

Cloud-Based Dispatch System
Cloud-Based Dispatch System

Easily create, distribute, and monitor riders and drivers with the Mobility Dispatch's cloud-based web controller. 

  • See real-time driver statuses.
  • Match riders to drivers based on rider requirements.
  • Monitor rides in real-time.
Manage Drivers
Create and Manage Your Fleet

Easily add drivers, vehicles, and dispatchers to your fleet management panel.

  • Flexible and permanent vehicle assignments.
  • Multiple vehicle types supported.
  • Detailed history of all past rides.
Connect & Communicate With Drivers
Connect & Communicate With Drivers

The Mobility Dispatch comes with a free Drive App to make communication easy.

  • 1-click to accept rides.
  • Supports real-time status updates.
  • Available on iOS and android.