Digitize your fleet with the Mobility Dispatch and Drive App to easily manage drivers, rides, and passengers

Free dispatching for your fleet

Increase automation

Easily match riders and drivers through a simple and intuitive admin panel 


Get visibility

Real-time visibility and tracking into your fleet and ride statuses 

Increase Revenue

Increase revenue

Connect your dispatch to the HERE Mobility Marketplace to get more rides in your city

Manage Rides
Cloud-based dispatch system

Easily create, distribute and monitor riders and drivers with the HERE Mobility Dispatch's cloud-based web controller. 

  • See real-time driver statuses 
  • Match riders to drivers based on rider requirements
  • Monitor rides in real-time  
Manage Drivers
Create and manage your fleet

Easily add drivers, vehicles, and dispatchers to your fleet management panel.

  • Flexible and permanent vehicle assignments
  • Multiple vehicle types supported 
  • Detailed history for all past rides
Connect & Communicate
Connect & communicate with drivers

The HERE Mobility Dispatch comes with a free Drive App to make communication easy.

  • 1-click to accept rides
  • Supports real-time status updates
  • Available on iOS and android
Why You Should Choose the HERE Mobility Dispatch
Free dispatch and driver app
24/7 support & chat
Fast set up
HERE Mobility Marketplace integration