Senior Data Scientist


Here Mobility business domain along with it's data sources expose many interesting analytical problems that we tackle. 

Our people are experts in Machine Learning, discrete optimization, signal processing, image processing, fraud analysis, and more.

We develop high scale products in cutting edge technologies to disrupt the mobility world.

We work with speedy feedback cycles, continuous deployments and we are building the technology of the future.

But enough about us, what about you? 

As a senior data scientist at our research group you will have access to a versatile set of data sources, such as, textual, structure and unstructured transnational, multivariate, sensorial, Geolocation, video and behavioral data. 

You will work with courageous data scientists and researchers to develop a products that billions of people will use.


  • Academic research background in related fields: MSc. or PhD in computer science/math/engineering.
  • 5+ years as a data scientist, working in big data environments.
  • State-of-the-art knowledge in at least one of the following fields: Machine Learning, Graph theory, discrete optimization, signal processing, image processing.
  • Proficient programming skills in python: being able to conduct experiments and PoCs on your own.
  • Team player: we work in dynamic adhoc teams and being able to communicate and work in a team is a must.
  • Entrepreneurship skills: we drive many innovative initiatives, the position has a lot of potential in defining new products and features.  
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